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by Funivals

Medieval Knight Armor Set with Helmet Breastplate Shield Sword, 4 Piece Roman Gladiator Soldier Cosplay for Kids

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  • A Breastplate of 15 inches(38.1cm) Long and 12.6 inches(32cm) Wide
  • A Shield of 16 inches(40.6cm) Long and 11 inches(28cm) Wide
  • A Helmet of 6 inches(15.2cm) High and 7 inches(17.8cm) Wide
  • A Sword of 23 inches(58.4cm) Long
  • One Piece Injection Product with 3D Modeling
  • Breastplate Carried upon Shoulders
  • Sheild Carried upon the Arm
  • Silver Metal Pattern and Golden Dragon Crest
  • Moveble Face Guard on Helmet
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